Whether you are an experienced gardener or a novice, we will turn you into a yardener.  Yarden Design Works can provide any level of assistance you will need to create your own yarden.

Services include:


Before Yarden Design Works begins planning your yarden we spend time with you to explore how you will use your yarden and how much time you want to spend maintaining it. Consultation includes an hour or two of walking your property and digging into what your priorities might be for your yarden.

The Broad Outline Design 

Yarden Design Works will provide you with the broad outline design that will include location of plants, beds, hedges and pathways but not identify specific plants.  We do this because we have discovered that many of our clients are experienced gardeners who love digging through nursery and seed catalogs.

Detailed Planting Design  

This is a detailed plan of what plants go in each bed and gives a plant summary.  If you are not planning to do the installation yourself, this is the plan you will give to your contractor.

Site Management

Yarden Design Works has formed associations with some of the best landscape contractors in the region.  Whether you choose one of our contractors or some of your own, our Site Management will keep you and the contractors on the same page.

Yarden Sitting and Maintenance Services

As a special service to our clients, we will provide care for your yarden on a short term basis or as a regular service.  We will be happy to discuss the level and frequency you might need.

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